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Stay awhile. Stay Forever.

I just realized I can’t write a Destiny fanfiction because it would have to be war-like action based and I can’t write that shit!

Now I’m sad.



I want Wyoming to be that person that gets mustache everything

  • "Mustache you a question" shirt
  • Mustache leggings
  • Mustache socks with mustache bobbles
  • Mustache shoes
  • Glasses with mustaches attached
  • 7-Eleven Mustache slurpee straws
  • Mustache snapback
  • Mustache bag
  • Mustache joke book
  • Mustache





"I’ll be right there, I’m just installing the Destiny Beta"

I couldn’t resist making this when I came across this poor fellow in one of the story missions.


Destiny Class Symbol Posters - Created by E. Kuznar

Available for purchase on Etsy.

That was just a joke but it’s not anymore.

I could write fanfictions for Destiny seeing how long I’ve been playing it for.

Destiny has slowly took over my life and it’s only a beta build